Thursday, October 28, 2010

Around The World

So I feel so Awful that I have been so absentee from you all. It was for an amazing cause I can reassure you, I have spent the past weekend in NYC (for the first time) for Teen Vogue's Fashion University.
It was so amazing to hear from the likes of Anna Wintour, Zac Posen and all of the editors at Teen Vogue.This trip will be given many of its own posts but to tide you over here is another dream list of clothes I one day hope to own

Fashion goes rustic is the new trend, now what fashionista doesn't want a D&G utility coat its the perfect merriment of Fashion and real life. You wont feel uber guilty for spending this months rent on a coat that actually keeps you warm

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New York

So in preparation for my upcoming trip to the Big Apple I have come up with the "dream" wardrobe to wear on this trip. I can not afford any of these items thats why it is a mere dream but one day hopefully. The reason for my very long over due visit to the city is because I will be attending Teen Vogues Fashion University. I'm so excited I could explode but wont seeing as ho if I do there goes the trip and this post. This is the first of many posts spawn from my upcoming trip. In case I forgot to mention I leave Friday and have yet to pack. AHHH

Monday, October 18, 2010

Haus of Price

In my daily scour of fashion on the web-a-sphere I came across a shoe designer that will really give you reason to look at a glue gun and a trip to the arts and craft store a bit differently. It is the Haus of Price and the shoes are noting short of Fabulous.

I mean can you imagine a more shocking moment with the quintessential  LBD structured with a neat low back and these shoes. It would be a MOMENT.

Seeing as how I'm from South Florida I see these shoes as being the perfect representation of what all beach girls love.

I have no words for the last two pair  of shoes except I must own them 
Cant you see Alexa Chung rocking these.

Friday, October 15, 2010

My kind of Love

Something you don't know about me but will soon learn is that I have a love for ALL thing Marc Jacobs. This doesn't stop at the clothes, shoes or accessories it is a deep love for the brand that has lead me to design my entire bathroom in the Marc Jacob's for Sephora Daisy collection.Now the reason for my post I know I'm a complete season behind in professing my love for his F/A 2010 finally dresses but I feel the need to show theses pieces of art to those of you who read this.

I love everything about this dress I want to spend the rest of my life wearing it.

Beauty Boost

So with the S/S 2011 fashion shows already over I think its time to recap the make we will be seeing this season.

Chanel gave is pure rock star with the smokey eyed models walking the runway. What says I know I'm a bad ass better than a yellow frock paired with a sultry smokey eye.

Ladies its time to accept the side bang has reached the end of its line, move on and start center parting the hair or forever be stuck in the days of 9th grade fashion. Take your newly centered hair and either chop it off like we saw Keira Knightly do at the Chanel show or grow your locks out for that ever present 70's
vibe. My third favorite option is to attempt the mysterious faux bob. Still a skeptic myself I do love the non committal factor. No matter how you rock it short or long just keep it in the center.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Modern Femme Fatal

If there is one thing you should know about me and my ever revolving fashion door its that I always come back to that classic femfetal. This could be why I am so deeply in love with all things Dita Von Teese, although I may not personally wake up hours early to finger wave my hair and make sure to I have the perfect cat-eye eyeliner I give so much credit to here for keeping the likes of Gene Harlow and Betty Paige alive. Everything from the way she seduces you in an oversized martini glass to her 16 inch waist she is the ideal of classic beauty.

Grease Lighting

So we all know Kate Moss is tabloid fauter and we all gush to read the latest gossip. Turns out the 30 something supermodel (ancient in model years) has been uneffected by the CokeKate scandle. Before the indiscresion she reportedly made some 3 million and now had doubled the number. Here she is looking like the real SuperModel that we all know and wish we could be.

                             How fantastic and right around Halloween, anyone thinking Sandy?
Fashion Indie

Monday, October 11, 2010

Boy Meets Girl

So as a new blogger I wanted to show a bit of what I love and at the moment it happens to be the cover of W magazine with Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling on the cover talking about a new documentary style movie. I'm not the biggest Michelle Williams fan but her on this cover gave me pause about my earlier judgement.