Friday, October 15, 2010

Beauty Boost

So with the S/S 2011 fashion shows already over I think its time to recap the make we will be seeing this season.

Chanel gave is pure rock star with the smokey eyed models walking the runway. What says I know I'm a bad ass better than a yellow frock paired with a sultry smokey eye.

Ladies its time to accept the side bang has reached the end of its line, move on and start center parting the hair or forever be stuck in the days of 9th grade fashion. Take your newly centered hair and either chop it off like we saw Keira Knightly do at the Chanel show or grow your locks out for that ever present 70's
vibe. My third favorite option is to attempt the mysterious faux bob. Still a skeptic myself I do love the non committal factor. No matter how you rock it short or long just keep it in the center.

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