Monday, April 11, 2011

Summer Sun

listen while you read....

So the blog-a-sphere has been buzzing that there respective homelands are still enduring the cold and raining weather. I on the other hand wouldn't know what freezing is I live in South Florida  In an effort to no rub it in I've waited for all you snow birds to come out from the frost and join me by the pool. Seeing as that might be a little further than expected here are my pool side essentials

To start the bag, should be large enough to hold your towel and anything else you might think you need 
this includes my over sized Marc by Marc Jacobs beach set (towel and Bag)
sunnies- ray ban
Tanning oil & sunscreen 
Copious reading material 
Ipod & DJ headphones 
also not pictured large floppy hat I forgot to take it off 

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