Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pick em' up just to Let them Down

No distinctive decade can be "recaptured" but I'm super stoked for the 70's revival. The late 60's early 70's were so classic, they represented this time when women took charge of the way they wanted to dress and express them selves not to mention the bell bottoms and afros. We were introduced to some amazing music and even more Iconic rockstar girlfriends who would soon be the frame of reference of what all little boys wanted and all girls wanted to look like. If you wanted to look like a Charlie's Angel or one of the many stunning women Mick Jagger was married to the look was unlike any other, effortlessly cool, carefree and above all bitchin'.

                  Marc Jacobs S/S RTW 2011                                          Emilio Pucci S/S RTW 2011

Two Icons (Andy Warhol & Jerry Hall)

The most amazing rock couple of the last 50 years, Yes I do realize what a statement that is but honestly who was it and will ever be more chic more talented an more beautiful than them.


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