Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Concrete Jungle

The second day in the city was very telling to say the least. Anna Wintour gave the opening address giving a brief show case of some of her favorite Vogue covers.

She also showed us some of the images for the best dressed issue but for legal reason that I am unclear of I'm not going to post them.

I also meet the editors

Also Jane and Judy Aldridge (sea of shoes) Hanneli Mustaparta, and the creator of Street Peepers talked about this vast and wide spread world of fashion blogging.

Next up the Intern Queen

And the last seminar was Zac Posen. He was amazing giving an honest account of what it will take for a young designer to make it in this world with a fresh point of view and possibly no money in the bank.

Here are a few shots of his up coming lower based line Z-Spoke

Finally VERA WANG!!

All I have to say is she is sweet, funny, bitting and honest.
She was so honest, thats the best way to describe the way she spoke to us. She held nothing back about her time at Vogue where she was an editor for almost 20 years before becoming a bridal designer then parlaying that into a fashion empire. 

After filling our heads with enough information to to cause it to burst we hit up the H&M shopping party. We were giving something sweet to look at with all the models walking around with oh so cute mini shakes root-beer floats and tiny cakes. Why is dessert so good when its tiny?

pardon the knee pads I feel the day before my trip, yea I know i shouldn't be aloud to leave home.

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