Wednesday, November 10, 2010

GAGA for Marc Jacobs

So while in NYC I happened upon the New York edition of V Magazine. Now while I usually forgo the gift shops at airports (overpriced, over crowded, just over) I stopped in for some water and soon realized due to my addiction (to mags) that I currently owned all the new mags out for the month but at second glance down on the bottom rack I saw it. Marc Jacobs and Lady Gaga on the cover of Vmag, note to self subscribe. Anyway all rules out the window I must own seeing as how I had seen the man himself earlier on the street...DIE I took it as a sign.

This cover was shot Mario Testino who also shot Gaga's previous V cover. Who better to be Ms. & Mr. New York than the aforementioned. Also Chloe Sevigny looking beautiful.
What do you think?

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