Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gap Toothed

In the last few months models dawning there best Lauren Hutton gap are landing big advertising deals and even more coveted mag covers, is there a beauty lesson to infer from this? I think so, the gap that modeling agencies told Hutton to fill in, (and she promised to best lie ever told) soon the gap became her calling card and Hutton soon took over the fashion scene. Now 20 some years later the likes of Lara Stone,Georgina May Jagger major girl crush and Anna Paquin have brought the gap back... is it here to stay? If it brings these girls out of the wood work then lets hope so.

I seem to have forgotten the indescribable Brigitte Bardot and Vanessa Paradis in my list of Gap toothed lovelies. Are you making an unscheduled appointment with you dentist, it may be in order.
If you have any idea about where the photos came from please let me know so I can give credit.

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