Monday, November 15, 2010

Hallowed Ground- lady crush #2

Very few people come along that have and true fresh and interesting point of view in general maybe thats why I'm completely inthralled with Florence Welch of Florence and The Machines. She makes no point to hide that her best writing comes from being hung over and that you must live life to write about love, hate, sex and the experiences that make life worth living. I'm falling fast and hard for this lovely british (obv. she would be a brit there always the coolest) songstress and not just because of the talent she is quickly becoming a fashion icon yes Icon in my book. Everything from her etherial stage garments to the sequined hot shorts she wears in her video Drumming Song. She is amazing at incorporating unseen designers such as Willow and even giving budding designers a chance to design a stage outfit for her. I recently saw her live at Voodoo Fest and it quickly reassured me of my newest lady crush
I've decided to start a new section of this blog actually as I'm writing this and its my lady loves and I'm currently at 2, so enjoy the visual feast below.

If you not in love by now there is no hope but you should suck it up because I see her being the coveted "it" girl of someone like my fashion Love Marc Jacobs. Can you say spring 2012 maybe? A girl can dream can't she...

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