Tuesday, November 2, 2010

If you can Make it here...

I guess its been about a week since returning home from my first trip to NYC. The festive weekend was filled with seminars from the likes of Zac Posen, The editors of Teen Vogue and fellow bloggers Jane and Judy Aldridge just to name a few.

After leaving the airport and surviving a truly horrifying cab ride to the hotel myself and fellow Teen Vogue fashion student ventured off into the world of Marc Jacobs AKA Bleecker St.
We hit every store even the newly unveiled BOOKMARC, a dream come true for a Marcaholics (yes a made up word by myself for those Obsessed with all thing Marc Jacobs)
below are a collection of all the stores we hit.

this has no relevance to Marc Jacobs i just thought it was an interesting door.

After doing a bit of shopping we hit the Juicy Couture shopping event there was a nice step and repeat at the event, and these ridiculously pretty models(too many girls hovering to snap a pic). With all the editions of Teen Vogue being passed around I thought Lauren Conrad herself was going to pop out and say hello.

After getting a sugar rush from all the bubble gum pink lemonade and treats being passed around my lovely cousin and NYC native (she's lived there 10 years it counts) took me to my first Broadway show, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson all I have to say is that the cast is amazing the writing is bitting a witty and its noting that I thought a Broadway show would be nothing boring and mainstream about it.

After expanding our minds with the arts we went to chic Cafe Un Deux Trois, were we gorged on a goat cheeses salad and spaghetti bolognese. 

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